H2O2 and Super H2O2

The H202 Line of Products, 4%, Super 8%, Dispensing Unit, Bilingual Labeling. 
Cherry, Fresh & Clean, Lemon, Orange, Unscented
Not shown in this photo is the Tip-N-Measure. 

Two solutions (4% or 8% Hydrogen Peroxide) ~ the only solution for all your cleaning needs.

H2O2 Concentrate 4% Cherry  H2O2 Concentrate 4% Fresh N' Clean  H2O2 Concentrate 4% Lemon  H2O2 Concentrate 4% Orange  H2O2 Concentrate 4% UnScented

H2O2  Concentrate
4% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Multi purpose cleaning system containing surfactants, citrus oils and Hydrogen Peroxide.  Product can be used at multiple dilutions to provide effective cleaning across the entire spectrum of cleaning applications.  Green Seal Certified Product*. 
MSDS Sheets  (requires Adobe)  Cherry, Fresh & Clean, Lemon, Orange, Unscented  (please click on the scent name for it's MSDS)


H2O2 Concentrate 8% Cherry  H2O2 Concentrate 8% Fresh N' Clean  H2O2 Concentrate 8% Lemon  H2O2 Concentrate 8% Orange  H2O2 Concentrate 8% UnScented

Super H2O2  Concentrate
8% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

The most highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide product to be Green Seal Certified*.  Used at multiple dilutions to effectively clean a wide variety of surfaces, including:  windows, mirrors, walls, floors, bathrooms, shower rooms, tile, grout, carpet and kitchen surfaces.
MSDS Sheet(requires Adobe) Cherry, Fresh & Clean, Lemon, Orange, Unscented (please click on the scent name for it's MSDS)



Secondary Labels (Bilingual)
H2O2 and Super H2O2 

Light Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty Labels 



Self-contained, wall-mounted dispenser that accurately measures each dilution using preset metering tips to produce the desired cleaning solution needed.  No more wasting product, time and money.  Dispense will accommodate quart container, gallon container or gallon bag-n-box container.  Includes lockable cabinet, four dilution settings, high and low flow capabilities, and drip tray for overflow. 




SafTflo  ™ Portable Dispensing System

•  Accurate dilution setting: Accurate dilution control can be built right into the portable unit preventing any tampering with water to chemical ratios.
•  Versatility: fits any size container, from half gallon bottles to five gallon pails to 50 gallon drums
•  Durability: State-of-the-art materials withstand harsh chemicals, and durable design, and construction assure long-term performance
•  Water control: Turn water on and off right at the unit
•  Ease of operation: Ergonomically designed for safety and productivity with one-handed operation
•  Proprietary lock-out feature: Custom-engineered proprietary lock-outs prevent use of competitive chemical refills
•  Affordability: Low cost compared to wall-mounted dispensers enable adoption throughout the end user facility to increase productivity
•  Rapid deployment: Minimal training time results in faster and easier adoption. Installation is instant — no mounting or wall repairing required!
•  Reduced maintenance costs: No need to stock replacement dispenser parts or pay for expensive service calls



Easily screws onto container that enables user to accurately dispense concentrated produce to correct desired dilution. 





With the super cleaning and deodorizing strength of hydrogen peroxide, our H202 formulas use citrus oils to penetrate surfaces and break down oils, while the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes soil and stains, destroys odors, and provides color safe bleaching.  It is biodegradable, people and color safe.

For use on tile & grout, floors, restrooms, showers, glass, stainless, and as a spray & wipe cleaner.

Professional Lab Results Available Upon Request

Tested by a professional microbiology lab using official methods of analysis of the AOAC 12th Addition

All sizes available for Private Label.


* This product meets Green Seal environmental standards for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.